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I'm not the typical young man from the hood. I can't define how my mind works. My logic, reasoning, and my understanding for the world around me goes a little deeper than I can put into words. Doesn't mean that I won't make an attempt to articulate those thoughts or feelings.

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September 23, 2013 11:18 am

Dream - 9/23/13 - Grandma

The dream starts off at my house on Mt. Vernon. I spoke briefly to my roommate about how I wanted to call off, because everything going on was beginning to wear me out mentally. Somehow, some females that I met in college were present in the living room, as well as my older brother. We were all kicking it and having a good time, and then I realized I had to get ready for work. I went to the basement to get some under garments so I could get the day started and then I was at my Grandmother’s house in her basement for a birthday party. This is a tradition within my family that my aunt, uncles, and mom sing happy birthday at my grandma’s house. What made me realize that it was a dream immediately was the fact that we were in her basement, and that she very looked young and vibrant. Upon realizing this within my dream, it made me instantly sad to know that I’d never see her like that again. I cried hard, and hugged her. She responded with her usual and told me that she loved me. Not sure if she actually said that, maybe it was something communicated telepathically. I felt and understood that. Everybody looked at me because of the tears flowing, but I kept it moving, up the stairs and out the door, only to wake and find that I had been crying for real. 

What is real? I don’t know.

September 20, 2013 2:39 pm

Something From 2009 that me and @Claymond_Jay put together.. Still holds weight today

Rules for being a real nigga

August 10, 2009 at 3:57am


This note actually originated from my nigga J.R. Hatcher. I thought I would make that known before I continue any further on with this note. I live by an unspoken code of conduct also known as the code of ethics. Many of my dealings in the past it was hard for some individuals to understand how I was moving. Not that it would really matter to others in essence. I thought that this would be an excellent chance to have an open dialogue with other indivduals who keep it real with themselves and the people around them. I hope that after reading this note you will gain an understanding of what it actually means to be, well, real. My morals and values may not be the same as yours, and if there are any other comments or rules that you feel that were not mentioned please feel free to drop a line.

1. DO NOT shake a niggas hand if u dont fuck wit him!

[Reason:] If u shake his hand, its a sign of mutual respect. Being that u DONT fuck wit him 4real, if givin the chance u wud do sum grimey shit… like fuck his girl, slander his name, possibly steal from him… shit like that. This labels you as a fake nigga, and cud lead to confrontation.

2. DO NOT speak of ya nigga’s business infront of ANY1 outside the circle!

[Reason:] If you know any business of sum1 you call ur nigga, that means he trusts you to keep ya mouth shut. No1 wants there laundry all out in da air, expecially due to a loose lipped mistake. This information shudn’t be discussed or even spoken on in the presence of ANY1 outside the circle. Other niggas dnt need to kno of ya niggas business, and i cant stress this enuff… NEVER INFRONT OF FEMALES!!! For you to bring up, or speak on ya niggas business infront of OR to a female is not only DRY SNITCHING, its DISRESPECTFUL. It lables you as disloyal, and not to be trusted with information. this cud EASILY lead to confrontation.

3. DO NOT advance on or field advances from your nigga’s female!

[Reason:] There will never be an end to the amount of females in the world. Therefore, there is NO excuse for being involved with ya nigga’s girl. All nigga’s have the 1 (At the Most 2) female(s) that have gotten under their skin. The female that can still affect your nigga even if they aren’t together. This female or these females are ALWAYS OFF LIMITS!!! Even questioning if u cud talk to, or be on, will create an immense strain on you and your niggas friendship. It is ur responsibility to know your nigga and kno who is “Ms. Untouchable”, and act accordingly. If advances are thrown your way, it is also your responsibility to let your nigga know what is happening. In all reality you would want to kno as well. This is the NUMBER 1 reason niggas fight and fallout … and should be avoided.

4. Keep Ya Nigga Up On Game! *Use discretion*

[Reason:] This is the toughest part of being a real nigga. Wen you know something that will benefit your nigga then its ur responsibility to tell him. BUT wen the information isn’t beneficial or will cause conflict, it is in your hands to think to tell your nigga or not. Think thru the situation in detail, try and determine the outcome of telling him or not, and do whatever you believe is best. More often then not your nigga will wanna know anyway… so really think about it b4 you hold info. If you are convinced that tha situation would be better off if you didn’t get involved then so be it. Each situation varies and shud be handled individually, that is wat makes this rule the most controversial.

5. Do Not Take From Your Niggas If You Have No Plans Of Giving Back!

[Reason:] Friendship is reciprocal. Do for your people just as they have done for you. In healthy friendships the blessings come right back around. Do not borrow and take from your friends if you have no plans of giving it back in some way, shape form, or fashion. Friendships become strained when one person in a friendship feels as if they are contributing more than another individual. This does not apply exclusively to monetary funds. It also about being there for your niggas whenever they need you. Especially if they are doing the same for you. Enough of violating this rule is sure to result in a confrontation.

6. Always be willing to talk out the differences that you may have with a friend!

[Reason:] There have been times in the past where I have witnessed friendships become strained or end because people were unwilling or prideful to talk out problems that they may have with a friend. It always good to air out any issues that may come about. To harbor any ill will or feelings towards people you are close to is ass backwards, and also may be detected by your comrades. Do not delay when it comes to talking out problems that you may have. This only allows for the adverse feelings that you have to grow. Airing your problems out to other friends may also add fuel to the fire. Things said out of anger are understandable, bad talking others without making it known what your problem is may lead to confrontation. Verbal or physical.


There are some things I know I left out. Some things do not need to be mentioned. In strong friendships certain things are understood. Keep ya circle tight, and carefully evaluate the character of those you surround yourself with. The friend word is thrown around often and is misconstrued. Be sure not to confuse someone you associate with as a true friend. Many do not have your best interests in mind. As easy as I thought it would be to come up with rules, this took entirely too long and was difficult. 

a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter:
a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile:

The people who you surround yourself with are in one way or another a reflection of yourself…

May 6, 2013 2:03 am

Listen: All For The Love by Shad Ali on Bandcamp

April 18, 2013 3:01 pm
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  • Excalibur's Stone (Produced by Baka)
  • By: ShaD Ali ft. DC
  • All For The Love
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It’s been 3 years since DC was on a track with me…. 

September 3, 2012 11:13 pm
@MeCHRISmitchell , @MarSJackSon & myself … During the CoolLikeDat Cypher…

@MeCHRISmitchell , @MarSJackSon & myself … During the CoolLikeDat Cypher…

July 12, 2012 12:29 am
Messin round with the sketch pad for a few hours.

Messin round with the sketch pad for a few hours.

May 21, 2012 9:00 am

Dream Log 5/21/12

Dream Log
May 21
What I ate before sleep: Oreos and milk
Length of sleep 4:00- 540ish AM
Then 5:40- 8:43AM
People that I knew trying to hide something at my
Moms house. Body? Not sure. Remember person stripping the paneling off the suitcase. Back to sleep. 542 am. It’s hot as fuck on the third floor of this crib.

Airport type of setting
Same people from cea along some fictional people and or people I met but dont know. I was having a dilemma because I was scared to fly, and was crying because of my fear to fly. My fear brought me to tears. She was crying too. I After a while of talking I was convinced to get on the plane. Felt like i knew the woman and light skin lady with nice eyes. I can’t say whether or not if this was in color. I feel like I was dressed like a red tails pilot. I remember telling her we all deserved to be happy, no matter what we chose to do with our time alive. She convinced me not to be scared, and I boarded the plane. An older fellow tried to regulate on me the moment I arrived to board the plane(couldnt tell who he was). Said I could only have dominos pizza. Something told me I didn’t like this guy, but something told me not to worry and I laughed because I love pizza. When i got word a Woman was mad, I want to say that this woman was my friend Christina. And she was upset that our boss wanted us to work 80 hours a week. I look to my left and Martell appeared at his desk and said well he has to realize we have lives and can’t be working for the majority of it. Im woke now. All that shit happened in about four hours of sleep. It’s 8:43AM now. Milk makes stuff weird, not scary just unorganized and weird.

April 19, 2012 5:06 am

Somebody dug my verse on Einstein. Haha


What im facin?

A very simple equation

Follow what im sayin cuz the playin

E cuz these mc’s squared

Many not my equal

My seat my only sequel

Conceptual as the prequel

Grindin pure grapes and inhale the lethal

Treating rhyme like a trend, no justin beiber

I keep the trash out my receiver bleeder

I hope you hear me dropping scientific theories

Now is my time, he’s a young rhyming einstein

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5:05 am 5:05 am


Ghosty & Shad Ali — Pots [video]

Pittsburgh’s Ghosty & Shad Ali released audio to this track awhile back and now we get a visual.